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The right package is key to maximizing margins. We have created packaging for industries ranging from electronics, tools, collectibles, pets and more. The one common goal all of our customers have is the desire to Stand Out over their competition and build a recognizable brand that retains loyalty and boosts product acceptance (and margins). To achieve sales goals it is necessary to create a package that builds credibility, educates and will Stand Out.

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  • Motion Vision

    Motion Vision

    Industry: Entertainment

    Location: Thousand Oaks, CA

    Toy Packaging

  • Platinum Tools

    Platinum Tools

    Industry: Manufacturing

    Location: Moorpark, CA

    Tool Packaging

  • Gemini Sun Records

    Gemini Sun Records

    Industry: Entertainment

    Location: Malibu, CA

    CD and DVD Packaging

  • Veterinarian's Best

    Veterinarian's Best

    Industry: Pet Products

    Location: Santa Barbara, CA

    Food Packaging

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